Somethings really should not be procrastinated.

There is an exception to every rule, and there are some thing that should not be put-off.  You should use the bathroom in a timely manner.  You should put gas in your car when the gas light comes on.  You should seek medical attention after a life threatening accident.  In like manner, everybody should really find some time to give back.

I recently began looking closely at an organization called the United Way.  The United Way is a group that works towards helping people through education, income stability and health.  One of the best parts of United Way is rather than donate money, they encourage people to volunteer their time.  I really like that concept because I believe that volunteerism helps everyone involved.  Everybody needs a little help these days.  If you have some time to volunteer then simply follow this link and make the pledge.



So you want to have a page on Facebook

For an assignment that I have for INFX598, I started looking at different Facebook pages.  I was pretty hungry at the time so I was looking at a lot of pages that involved food.  Sugary, fattening food that grad students eat when they should be doing homework.  I was actually surprised to find that many of my favorite snack foods had pretty good pages with a whole lot of followers.  Most of the content was pretty good, the community was engaging and the company was responding.  I had a hard time finding a page that I thought was poorly done.  Finally I did, and now I am going to compare and contrast two consumer brands, Dr Pepper, and Almond Joy.  I am going to use my grad school skills and compare and contrast these a little as we go.

Dr Pepper

The Dr has been in the house for a long time, and with the 23 unique flavors it is certainly my beverage of choice.  The Dr Pepper Facebook page has 13,253,222 likes. The main strength of the page is the frequent sweepstakes and contests.  The contests typically focus on students and youth, so their target audience is clear.  During their current contest, they are giving away $100,000 in tuition.  The other thing that the page does is feature daily pictures, polls, questions, and trivia.  They invite the community to respond and then they reply to many of the comments you receive.  If you want to talk with “Dr Pepper” then go to their Facebook page and ask some questions.  The frequent post create content on the page, there are hundreds of Dr Pepper related pictures, facts, videos etc. on the page.  The content of the page invites the community to engage, and the active response from the page invites members to keep coming back.



Almond Joy

The Almond Joy Facebook page breaks my heart. I am hoping that the only reason they are not investing in social media is because the candy bar is so good on its own. The Almond Joy page has 15,752 likes.  There is only one photo on the page.  There is a community that loves Almond Joy.  They even comment on the page, but the comments are shout-outs to a silent listener.  User comments are the only content on the page, and so in the end it feels very empty.  There is no effort to add content or engage the community, and so the page is failing.  I hope someone at Peter Paul reads this, because Almond Joy needs to make its social media presence known.

Girls Will Be Girls

A looming deadline has inspired me to turn this blog into a “Daddy” blog for a post or two.  Deal with it.Raising little girls can be tough. I have two, they are 3 and 5 years old.  I think one reason that it can be tough is that it is one thing that you just can’t procrastinate (unlike grad school). They are going to ask hard questions and need some serious Daddy time before you even start potty training.  One of the things that I think about as a father of girls is how to teach them what they need to know about this world.  When they were young I was confident that I could raise them to be mini-Hillary Clintons wearing pant suits and beating boys at everything.  Unfortunately they had different ideas.  They like princess stuff and pink and Barbies and dress-ups. That bothered me at first, but I have come to accept and even embrace it.  You can wear pink and kick butt.

I recently came across this start-up idea from an engineer named Debbie Sterling.  She had an idea for a toy that appeals to girls, and also teaches them valuable skills.  Here is a video of her idea “GoldieBlox”

GoldieBlox was funded through a platform called KickStarter, a site that helps raise money for new ideas, films, games, music, art, etc.  GoldieBlox was funded in just 5 days, raising $150,000.  The idea has been gaining momentum as it gathers support from equal rights and educational groups.

When I have time my daughter and I like to watch youtube videos.  One of our favorite videos of late has been this video of Sam Gordon, a 10 year-old girl football player from Utah.  The original video (now removed from youtube) received 5 million views in just 7 days, and Sam Gordon appeared on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and the NFL Netwok.

My girls like Sofia the First, and most of the stuff Disney throws at them.  They like dolls and make-up.  But they are creative and aggressive.  They like to burn stuff and play video games and watch football.  In my house they can be whatever they want to be, and play with whatever they want to play with.  I just hope that the world is ready for them  when they leave.

Sofia the First: An event worth tweeting

I have really wanted to tweet a live event (this has nothing to do with any assignment requirements).  I was going to do the Lincoln movie, but I couldn’t bring myself to being one of those people with a phone out, and I really wanted to sit and enjoy the movie.  So while I was thinking about his is it occurred to me that the thing that people in my house were looking forward to the most was the premiere of Sofia the First on the Disney Channel.  If you have watched the Disney channel for 20 seconds in the last 90 days, then you know what I am talking about. The marketing worked on my two girls, and we decided to watch it together.  Because I have been actively procrastinating an assignment that I need to do, I was worried about taking the time to do it.  That is when the genius occurred, why not live tweet the premiere?  You can check out the in-depth analysis at

Following the show, I decided to interview my 5 year old about what she thought.  She was not really in the mood to talk, so rather than expound on her points and make here sound like a analytical little kindergartner, I wrote the answers exactly the way she said them:

(Me)What did you like about Sofia?

(Her) I liked when Cinderella came, but it was a very short little show, I thought it would be way longer.

(Me) Did you learn anything new?

(Her) No.

(Me) What is the deal with little girls and princesses?

(Her) Because they are pretty and I like to dress up like them.

(Me)Who is your favorite princess?

(Her) Ariel, because she is a mermaid

(Me)What do you want to be when I grow up?

(Her)There are so many things. Artist, builder, cowgirl, cook, inventor, ..okay I think that is good..

I learned a few things about live tweeting.  You should really do something that you really care about, and that your followers are going to care about.  Otherwise you become a hack that has to do something for a job or assignment.  If you will allow me to return to the blog theme.  When it becomes crunch time, then as a procrastinator you do not have the luxury of doing everything you want.  You must swallow your pride, and embark down the path of least resistance. Go Sofia!

This may not be the place for you.

Some people are uncomfortable with procrastination. If they sense it creeping into their lives then they crush it with sheer force of will.  Others simply wish they could overcome it.  Sometimes that gets so bad that you cannot even enjoy not doing what you should be doing.  I have learned to embrace procrastination, it is part of who I am.  I enjoy the rush of completing things last minute and some of my finest work has been done with only minutes left to spare.  I admit that I have been burned a few times, but overall it seems to be working.

I came across this post from an academic counselor who really asked the key questions:

Do you keep putting off until tomorrow things you could do today?
Getting into a habit of waiting until the last minute and then scrambling to get things done?
Is procrastination beginning to impact your grades?
Come learn how to conquer procrastination in easy, practical steps!

If you answered yes to any of those questions, but feel unmotivated to do anything about it, then this is the place for you!

I am pretty sure there is something else that I could be doing….

Hello, welcome to my blog.  This is something that I have been working very hard at not doing for quite some time. The real reason that I have not been able to start a blog yet is {it does not really matter, just put in anything you want}. But seriously I am pretty busy.  I don’t know how, but for some reason I am still able to find time to watch movies and TV, play video games, hang out with friends, and eat lots of food.  The things that I do not seem to have time for are work projects, school, taxes, and going to the dentist.  This blog will be dedicated to postponing school work until the last possible minute.  If you are in graduate school, then you might be able to find something here to help you.  I cannot guarantee that I will post anything on this blog.  I can guarantee that I intend to have a lot of great ideas and great posts…you get what I mean.  I have to go now because I have a game of Solitaire going right now and I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t finish it. BRNYDAQ66TYH