Girls Will Be Girls

A looming deadline has inspired me to turn this blog into a “Daddy” blog for a post or two.  Deal with it.Raising little girls can be tough. I have two, they are 3 and 5 years old.  I think one reason that it can be tough is that it is one thing that you just can’t procrastinate (unlike grad school). They are going to ask hard questions and need some serious Daddy time before you even start potty training.  One of the things that I think about as a father of girls is how to teach them what they need to know about this world.  When they were young I was confident that I could raise them to be mini-Hillary Clintons wearing pant suits and beating boys at everything.  Unfortunately they had different ideas.  They like princess stuff and pink and Barbies and dress-ups. That bothered me at first, but I have come to accept and even embrace it.  You can wear pink and kick butt.

I recently came across this start-up idea from an engineer named Debbie Sterling.  She had an idea for a toy that appeals to girls, and also teaches them valuable skills.  Here is a video of her idea “GoldieBlox”

GoldieBlox was funded through a platform called KickStarter, a site that helps raise money for new ideas, films, games, music, art, etc.  GoldieBlox was funded in just 5 days, raising $150,000.  The idea has been gaining momentum as it gathers support from equal rights and educational groups.

When I have time my daughter and I like to watch youtube videos.  One of our favorite videos of late has been this video of Sam Gordon, a 10 year-old girl football player from Utah.  The original video (now removed from youtube) received 5 million views in just 7 days, and Sam Gordon appeared on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, and the NFL Netwok.

My girls like Sofia the First, and most of the stuff Disney throws at them.  They like dolls and make-up.  But they are creative and aggressive.  They like to burn stuff and play video games and watch football.  In my house they can be whatever they want to be, and play with whatever they want to play with.  I just hope that the world is ready for them  when they leave.


One thought on “Girls Will Be Girls

  1. Hi John – I just found Goldieblox through a friend’s link too. Can’t wait to give them to all my friend’s daughters for birthdays, etc.

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